In the words of Keck and Sikkink, Blank Noise has utilized “information politics” in the form of participatory art, imagery, storytelling, and collaboration in their effort to disseminate information about and mainstream the concept of eve-teasing as an unacceptable practice.  Blank Noise solicits participation of individuals, or “action heroes” as they are called, through social media (their blog, through twitter, Flickr, etc) as well as through clothes drives and art exhibits.

For example, the “I Never Ask For It” project in 2008 sought to challenge the notion of blame and sought to dispel the belief that a woman’s manner of dress warrants and welcomes eve-teasing.   The project called upon individuals to act as action heroes by the following means:

  • Share a photo of what they were wearing when thy were a victim of eve-teasing on their Facebook page and on the Flickr photostream
  • Update their Facebook status to “I never asked for it”
  • Contribute to the collection of phrases in various languages that imply that women “ask for it” on the Blank Noise blog
  • Discuss the issue of eve-teasing and share personal experiences on Twitter using #ineveraskedforit as a trending topic
  • Donate an item of clothing worn during an eve-teasing incident to a clothing drive (that will become part of a traveling clothes exhibition), while wearing an outfit you have always wanted to wear
  • Engage in “unapologetic walking” which has spawned the SlutWalk movement