The “I Never Ask For It” project began in 2006 and is apparently still ongoing.  It utilizes a combination of ICTs, public participation of “action heroes,” and art in its efforts to collect testimonials of when women experienced eve-teasing; to address blame, shame, and guilt surrounding eve-teasing; to “challenge the notion that women ask for it” because of the garments they choose to wear; and more broadly, to change society’s acceptance of the eve-teasing practice.

The elements of the I Never Ask For It project:

  • The Blank Noise blog where women are encouraged to post a photo of a garment warn during eve-teasing; vote on what constitutes various elements of eve-teasing such as “looking;” design a street sign designating an eve-teasing area; add to the compilation of “eve-teasing vocabulary,” or terms directed at women in public; etc
  • The Blank Noise twitter, using the #ineveraskedforit trending topic
  • A traveling art exhibit of garments worn during eve-teasing, such as at the “Mind The Gap” exhibit in April 2007 at the Max Mueller Bhavan/ Goethe Institute